Making Kids a Priority in Home Buying Decision

Children Running in front of house

Dear Vicki,

I recently read that parents are now making the majority of their large purchase decisions with their children’s needs as a top priority. Do you agree?  Signed, Sissy

Dear Sissy,

I absolutely agree! In real estate especially, I find it amazing how the smallest members of the household often have the largest influence in which neighborhood and which home is ultimately selected.  A recent study compared the buying habits of Baby Boomers to those of Generation X and Millennial parents. While Boomers placed the most importance on commutes and career opportunities, contemporary parents are looking for quality of life and lifestyle benefits for themselves and their children.

I think this is exactly why many of my clients are repeat Willo buyers. Willo in particular offers a sense of community and safety for families that can’t be found in other urban areas. And those families who are newly introduced to Willo are astounded at the connectivity that organically exists in our neighborly enclave. We’ve got something pretty darn special here, it’s no secret.  New communities continuously sprouting in the far reaches of Phoenix are trying to duplicate what we have here in Willo. The developers of these areas seemingly want to recreate our downtown neighborhood in the burbs and beyond. Advertisements for these communities abound hawking “Sidewalks!” and “Front Porches!” and “Friendly Neighbors!” Are these features considered novelties in this day and age? I hope not.

For most people, a home is the largest purchase they will make in their lifetimes. Making their children a priority in the decision-making process is prudent. At the core, I think what buyers want for themselves and their children is essentially the same thing. Whether it be in the heart of our city, or far-reaching suburbs, the genuine desire to be part of a community is the true common denominator.

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