Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

New Year's Resolutions for your Home

Dear Vicki,

Can you help me kick start 2014 with suggestions on how to keep my home in tip-top shape all year long? –  Signed, Plucky

Dear Plucky,

I love a Top Ten List, so here are my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Home Improvement.

#1  Plunder the Piles-  Uncover those few useful pieces of paper in the stacks and file them. Toss the rest.  Start the year with clean desks, tables, and counters.   #2  One Good Splurge- Is there something you see or touch every day that is of poor quality?  Whether it be a kitchen knife or a front door handle, give it an upgrade. I promise it will make you smile every day.   #3  A New Coat of Paint-  New interior or exterior paint looks and feels clean.  It’s the single best improvement you can make.   #4  Tackle the Toys-  Here’s how you do it- wait until the kids are at school or at grandma’s. Sell or donate a third of the toys. If, and that’s if, your kiddo asks about a missing toy? Change the subject. Their attention spans are surprisingly short.   #5  Safety First- Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should get fresh batteries in January.  Don’t have them?  Run, don’t walk, to Ace Hardware.   #6  Plant Something Green-   Make friends with the folks at your local Whitfill, Moon Valley, and Harpers Nurseries. Plant people are good people, that’s a fact.   #7  Save the Earth-  Well, at least be more energy efficient with new bulbs and low flow showers. Turn off the lights and unplug the electronics.  Hey, saving energy saves money too!   #8  Keep it Company Ready-  Every day:  make the bed, stack the dishwasher, throw clothes in the hamper, toss the junk mail. Keep it simple, silly.   #9  Enlist the Troops- Don’t feel like you need to go it alone. You are not the maid and everyone needs to do their part around the house.   #10  Accept the Things You Cannot Change-  While resolutions are exciting, they can be hard to keep. Forgive yourself when the piles start appearing again because they will. Luckily, 2015 is just around the corner.

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