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Paradise Valley

A simple mention of the name of the town, Paradise Valley, evokes an air of sophistication, splendor and privilege. This small, affluent town quietly exists between the scenic ranges of Camelback and Mummy Mountains. Intentionally incorporated in 1961 as neither part of Phoenix nor Scottsdale, Paradise Valley is entirely residential with the exception of 12 luxury resorts.

Located between Scottsdale on the east and Phoenix on the south and west, Paradise Valley’s zoning stipulates a minimum of one acre of land per home. The residents’ extra-large lots are primarily desert landscaped and meticulously maintained with our region’s most beautiful succulents and cacti. Paradise Valley’s exclusive 85253 zip code is one of the most costly in the United States with homes ranging from $1 million to over $20 million. The home owners and Town Council of Paradise Valley take special care to ensure the standards for life in their town are maintained at peak levels. While the fiscal barrier to entry into Paradise Valley is high, the rewards for its residents are abundant.