Spring into Home Improvements

Forking the veg patch

Dear Vicki,

Our beautiful spring weather inspires me to spruce up the exterior of my home. What improvements can I make now that will reap benefits all year round?” Signed- Sunny

Dear Sunny,

I couldn’t agree more, springtime in Central Phoenix is my favorite time of year. It’s a great idea to spend some energy on your home’s exterior and landscaping while our weather forecast is darn near perfect. Most homeowners understand the benefits of curb appeal but don’t ignore the back yard either. A well designed, landscaped back patio becomes a true extension of your home. Check into spring colored, all-weather, upholstered love seats and armchairs. And how about a lovely outdoor dining table? Meals alfresco always taste better!

Shh… here’s a secret to some of the best back yard patios in Willo- misters! Yes, that wonderful cool mist outdoors at your favorite restaurant can be yours. Find yourself a friend in an orange vest at Home Depot and they’ll set you up. This is a one-afternoon project you’ll be rejoicing about once the temps start climbing in May.  And while you’re out there, don’t let a boring, gray block wall in your backyard diminish your view. Consider planting a row of luscious green ficus trees or cheerful orange jubilee. Both species are fast-growing and not as invasive or as commonplace as oleanders.

Often, homebuyers tell me that the charm of our historic neighborhoods stems from all the established landscaping. Trees and shrubbery don’t get that way in just one or two seasons. Plant now and enjoy watching your landscape mature over the years. And don’t forget to first consult with your neighborhood nursery professionals. Those friendly folks at Whitfill, Berridge, Summer Winds, and Moon Valley nurseries know their stuff. They’ll make sure the plants and trees you pick will establish well now, survive our summers, and endure our winter freezes.

While winter may be the bane of the rest of the country, for us in Phoenix, it’s the impending summer. So don’t miss a moment of our unbeatable weather happening right now. Get outside, get your hands dirty, and enjoy your historic home yards, front, and back. “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt”– Margaret Atwood

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